Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Why Hire an Interior Designer?


We, as consumers are always looking for ways to save money. We watch for sales, clip coupons, and keep an eye out for the latest bargain. When it comes to designing or redesigning the interior of a home, it’s important to be as economical as possible to really get the most out of your project. We look for the best way to trim the budget and still get the home interior we’re dreaming about.

With a limited interior design budget, how do I justify paying an interior design team?

Often the first thing homeowners think to cut when formulating their interior design budget is an interior designer. To us that seems silly, that’s the last thing you should eliminate from your budget (but of course we’re biased). So we thought we would take a few moments to make the case. Because, as professional interior designers, we are regularly confronted with justifying our profession and our services.

“I watch HGTV, I don’t need to hire an interior designer.”

We hear it on the television, magazine articles and the checkout line at the grocery store. “Interior designers are too expensive,” “Interior designers like to spend client’s money,” “Only rich people hire interior designers,” and “anyone can decorate a room if they browse Pinterest or Houzz online or watch HGTV.”

We need professionals.

When we don’t feel well, we go to a doctor. If we have legal problems, we will call a lawyer. We even have accountants to do our taxes. But hiring an interior designer to design the interior of our home is somehow unnecessary? We at Pegasus Design Group know that’s not the case. Here’s why: Interior designers can save you time, money, and you can benefit from our vast experience.

The Benefits of Working with an Interior Design Team

  • You get the design you want. We listen to your interior design needs and requirements, your likes and dislikes and then we make sure that you gets the final outcome that you want.
  • We stay on budget. We work within the budget parameters set by you. We can find the perfect piece of furniture, wall accessory, or window treatment without going over budget.
  • We save you money (yes, you read that right). While we don’t work for free, we can save you lots of money on your interior design project.
  • One of the benefits of our years of experience is we’ve worked through lots of design challenges. We can help avoid mistakes and disasters that can occur on a project before they happen.
  • We can sort through the plethora of design choices, which can be very confusing and narrow it down to just what styles you like and what works for you.
  • Ever order something and when its delivered it’s not quite what you expected? We have worked with lots of products and lots of manufacturers, we’ll be able to recommend the products that are right for you and your family.
  • We can provide discounts on just about anything you would want in your home. Many times our clients end up paying less than retail for items we purchase for them.
  • If we need to bring in tradespeople to complete your interior design project we only work with the best. We won’t work with any contractor or sub-contractor who does shoddy work because it reflects poorly on us.
  • We know trends come and go. If you want to design your home around the latest color or style trend we can help you achieve that without getting stuck with it for years to come. For example, replacing pillows that are covered in last season’s hottest color is much less expensive than repainting the whole room or recovering a large piece of furniture.
  • We’ve got great ideas and it’s our job to bring them to you. We will show you the many possibilities that are available to achieve the final, unique finished project.
  • We’re independent interior designers, and we are able to access all appropriate local/national resources to show you the vast array of available merchandise. Unlike some designers that are tied to a single manufacturer or furniture store, we can find the perfect piece for you from a multitude of sources.
  • We’ll manage your interior design project. Having new furniture delivered before the painters are finished is probably not the best idea. We’ll save you time and headache by prioritizing all aspects of a project, large or small.

Have we convinced you yet?

It’s important to work with a good interior designer—if for no other reason than having your interior design dreams come true—on time, on budget, and with as little stress as possible. Want to work with the Pegasus Design Group Design Team? Contact us today.