Spa-like Guest Bathroom

Treat your guests to a spa-like bathroom.

Spa Bathroom sink

One of the more long-standing decorating trends of late is redesigning bathrooms to feel like at-home spas. Of course it’s for good reason. Our homes are our comfort and escape from the outside world. What better place to escape than to your own home?

From dark and dated to calm and relaxing.

Recently, one of our clients wanted Pegasus Design Group to redesign her guest bathroom. She wanted to update the design and create a spa-like environment for her guests. The bathroom had never been updated and was original to the 70s-era house. It was in serious need of a redesign. The colors were dated and the room was dark and uninviting. The homeowner was open to a complete gutting of the bathroom, as can be seen in the pictures. Before beginning the design and demolition, we took the time to discuss the project with our client. During our meetings with her, we determined that not only was it important to incorporate a serene color palette, but the room needed to accommodate both adult guests, as well as grandchildren.

A bathroom interior design fit for adults and children.

spa-bathroomThe porcelain tile we chose for the floor and walls resembles a natural stone, and is perfect for easy care and cleaning. The decorative tile used as accents and on the backsplash and wall insets is based on the calming colors of water. We used this decorative accent in three different areas in the bathroom to complete the spa-like feel of the room. We selected a free-standing vanity with clean lines to, again, enhance the total spa concept. Not forgetting the grandchildren, we avoided the use of sharp corners on the vanity and tiled areas. The paint color used for the walls is reminiscent of the color of light sand.

Interior design techniques to create the illusion of a larger bathroom.

Spa Bathroom Shower

Most homes don’t have large bathrooms with lots of space and storage. It’s usually not possible to gain any more space without stealing space from a nearby closet or adjacent room. This bathroom is no exception. We didn’t have additional space, so we employed interior design techniques to increase the size of the bathroom visually, without physically increasing the square footage. To make the guest bathroom seem larger, we used a frameless shower to increase the illusion of more space. Even though this bathroom is small, we wanted to also provide additional storage. To solve this problem we designed a tall, thin tower cabinet that includes glass display shelves to add to the relaxing airy feeling of the new bathroom.

A guest bathroom you will want to show off.

Our client is delighted with the outcome of the bathroom project and is now proud to show off her beautiful guest bathroom. This was a fun project for Pegasus Design Group—it enabled us to be both practical and creative at the same time. If you have a guest bathroom that needs an updated design, call Pegasus Design Group today to discuss your options.