Just like your selection in window treatments was once limited to drapes or blinds, interior flooring used to be as simple as wood, carpet, or linoleum. Today there are lots of choices in interior flooring and the materials available for interior flooring are as varied as the  choices. Not only can you choose wood or carpeting, but you can further choose hardwood, laminate, bamboo, cork, vinyl, rugs, textured carpet, Berber carpet, carpet tile, ceramic tile, natural stone, and on and on. We can help narrow down the choices to something you will love.

Interior design options to walk all over.

How will you walk on your flooring? Your choice in flooring options should be determined by its use, the style and look of the environment it is going into, and even by the climate you live in. Is it a high traffic area? Will there be frequent spills you’ll need to clean up? Do you hate to vacuum? The climate in certain parts of the country may even affect your choice in flooring. For instance, installing a tile floor in the living room of a home in Florida is much more practical than a home in Wisconsin (unless the floor is heated).

I have children, isn’t Berber carpeting my only option?

There are more choices for homes with children than commercial grade Berber. You’ll also want to consider other factors you may not even think of  such as the height of your ceiling and the size of your room. High ceilings and large rooms with hardwood floors can echo quite a bit. The important thing is you have lots of interior design options and we are here to help you narrow choices and select the right floor for you. Contact us to help you with you interior design project and finding the right flooring to make your interior design dreams come true.