Design Consulting

Design Consulting

Even do-it-yourselfers can use interior design help.

Watching  the interior design and do-it-yourself shows on television can give you great ideas. But sometimes between the editing and promos on the show, it’s hard to see the practical and functional aspect of the design. It can even be difficult to implement in your own home for lots of reasons: room dimensions may be different; existing hardware, electric or plumbing may be in the way; even color selection can be a challenge when paired with the design of adjoining rooms or with the light in your home.

That turquoise wall looked great on TV, why not in my house?

So you saw a great interior on television. We can help you get the same great interior design, but also help make sure it looks great in your home. If you would like to do the work yourself, but just need a great interior design team to bounce ideas off of, offer simple solutions for you to try, or just help refine your own ideas, we can consult with your do-it-yourself on your interior design do project.

We’ll help you with your design ideas and dreams.

We can meet with you, help to define your plans, or suggest colors that will work for your interior design. We can also work with you throughout your project to shop for furnishings, choose accessories, even simply to give interior design advice and make suggestions to help improve upon your own ideas. We’re here to help you achieve you dream space through good interior design.

Not sure if you can go it on your own? We’re happy to discuss your project with you to see where we can help you realize your interior design dreams. Contact us today.