Tasteful Holiday Accessorizing


Tasteful Holiday Accessorizing

If you’re anything like we are, you’ve collected lots of holiday decor items over the years. It’s fun to have lots of options for your holiday accessorizing. Styles change, tastes change, sometimes you come across a cute little piece you can’t pass up, and quite often you’ll receive a special gift from a loved one.

Every year it seems we have the challenge of displaying all these beautiful and sentimental pieces without making our homes look cluttered and messy. So here are a few tips we use in decorating our own homes for the holiday season.

Have a ThemeHoliday-3

Choose a dominant color that goes well with the rest of your home decor. Choose holiday accessories in your dominant color and then accent it with another neutral seasonal color like gold or silver or white.

Sticking with two to three primary “holiday” colors in one room is a good rule of thumb. It will give a more calming feel to the holiday. If you’ve got lots of different colors, think about using similar colors in each room you decorate.

Swap Out Regular Accessories for Holiday Colors


A simple way to dress up the holiday decor is to swap out regular items for holiday ones. If you’ve chosen a dominant holiday color, change the pillows or throws on your sofa to match that color. Use dinner napkins or plate chargers in holiday colors. Replace the rug at your front entrance with something festive. Don’t forget to change your candles, bedding in the guest room, table runners, area rugs, and the artwork on your walls too.

Aunt Betty’s “Unique” Nutcracker

Everyone has at one point in their lives received that unique holiday accessory that is virtually indescribable. You know, the one that from anyone other than “Aunt Betty” might be considered hideous. But this gift from her is sentimental and it seems there is just never a right place to display it. One possibility is to give it the prominence it deserves. Place it on full display on the mantel. It’s sure to be a conversation piece whenever guests drop by. Another option is to accessorize it by arranging other smaller, similarly colored items around it.

The Ornament CollectionHoliday-Decor-1

Is your tree overflowing with all the beautiful ornaments you have collected over the years? Don’t edit them out—use them throughout the house. Ornaments can be hung from the chandelier over your dining table, set in a bowl on the coffee table, attached to garland on the fireplace, or hung on the bathroom mirror. You can even display your special or most favorite ornaments on a stand.

We Accessorize!

If you need help deciding how to decorate your home for the holidays, give us a call today, we’re happy to help.

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