Are Complementary Interior Design Services Really Free?

Contemporary-Living-RoomLots of furniture stores offer free or complementary interior design services, but you should be careful utilizing these designers because you may not get the design services you are looking for.

Have you ever mentioned to a friend or relative that you would like to get advice from an interior designer and they say, “You should go to furniture store ‘A’ they offer free interior design service”?.

When you commit to the complementary interior design services of any particular store, you are also committing to only the products the store sells. Most often the interior design staff is employed by the store and receives a commission on the items they sell, so they have a significant incentive to convincing you to choose these furniture items and accessories. While they may help you choose the perfect furniture, accessories, and window treatments for your home, your choices will always be limited.

Both designers at Pegasus Design Group once worked at these type of stores, so we know how it works. One of the reasons we chose to form Pegasus Design Group is because, as our tag line states, our goal is to make our clients’ design dreams come true. As an independent design team, we have access to an infinite number of products.

Is complementary interior design service really “free”?

Frankly, having worked at some of the most prestigious stores in the area, we know that the service is not really free. As is the case with most “complementary” services, the store’s overhead, including employee expense, is built into the price of goods. The bottom line is that we encourage any homeowner to work with an independent design firm to be sure you get the best creative outcome. At Pegasus Design Group our service are also not free, but our goal is to help you stay on budget and give you the home of your dreams. Whether that means using a family heirloom you already have or helping you find a beautiful new item, we’ll help make it a reality. We would love to have you call us. If not us, please consider using an independent designer for the best outcome for your interior design project.

For a short time we are offering new clients a free hour of interior design help with the purchase of one. Click here for details.