Space Planning

Space Planning

Plan the space, you’ll be living in it.

You’ve heard it before–form follows function. In interior design that rule is extremely important. For us, it’s most relevant in space planning.

Most homeowners and even some architects don’t realize how important space planning is to interior design until it’s too late. Space planning can help make a room functional and easy to live in. Without thoughtful space planning a poorly planned space can be difficult to move around in and can create challenges with furniture, lighting, and functional areas.

Oops, the furniture doesn’t fit?

Imagine this: you build a beautiful new home and when it comes time to move in your furniture doesn’t fit in the space. Or, it’s impossible to watch television without the drapes closed because the sun shines on the picture. Or there aren’t enough electrical outlets in your office to accommodate your computer, printer, and other important equipment. As interior designers, we sit down with our clients first and learn about how they will use the space so we can help to plan it out to fit their needs.

If you are in the planning stages of your project it’s not too early to give us a call to see how we can help.