Design Budget

Budget is to be Revered, Not Feared.

This is a common scenario: We begin an interior design project with a new client and we ask, “What is your budget?” Instantly we see them cringe. The dreaded budget discussion! But you should never be afraid to talk budget with an interior designer. It sets expectations and helps designers make both your financial and your design dreams come true.

Why is talking budget so difficult?

Of course there are countless reasons why people find it difficult to talk about their interior design project budget. They may be worried it is too low, think we’ll automatically spend it all, most often they simply don’t know what a realistic budget is and are afraid they’ll be way off.

Think your design dreams are limited by your budget?

Not necessarily. Yes, we all have grand visions of what an unlimited budget can bring. But just because most of us can’t live the “money is no object” lifestyle doesn’t mean we have to give up on our interior design dreams. Sometimes you can realize your design dreams with a simple change of fabric or scale of your furniture–saving you lots of money, but not skimping on the look.

We once worked with an “empty-nester” couple looking for a new sofa. The one they saw in a magazine was a bit out of their budget. We were able to find a very similar piece with a much smaller price tag, making everyone happy.

Discussing your budget limitations with an interior designer up front ensures they will work within your budget. We also won’t disappoint you by showing you options you can’t afford.

Think if you tell us your budget we’ll spend it all?

Not always. Our goals is to work within your budget and spend it wisely. Sometimes we can find pieces that cost less and we can actually save you money. We recently worked with a newly-married young couple, who had just purchased a new home. They were prepared to spend more than we felt was necessary to get the interior design look that they dreamed of. We were able to find the perfect furniture, accessories, and window treatments all the while staying under budget. They used the money they saved toward their honeymoon!

No idea what your interior design budget should be?

We’ll help. You can talk to us about what you would like to spend on your interior design project and we’ll work with you to establish a budget and realistic expectations. Whatever you budget is, we’ll work with you to make sure you can have the design you want and stick within the budget you set.

Think you need millions to have great interior design?

Absolutely not. You don’t need millions to have great design. It’s a common misconception that you need to be very wealthy to work with an interior design firm–not so. We have clients with every kind of budget. The majority of our clients live comfortably, but hire us because they know that they need guidance and assistance to achieve their design dreams. We’re happy to help make those design dreams come true.


We at Pegasus Design Group respect our clients’ budgets. Our greatest pleasure as design professionals is to complete a project and hear our clients tell us how we have changed the way that they look at their surroundings and that they feel they got “their money’s worth”!

If you would like help with your interior design project, no matter what your budget, give us a call. We’ll help make your design dreams come true.