Your Design Team

Marsi Black

marsi-screen-low-res I think I was born to be an interior designer. When I was eight my mother let me decorate my own room and from then on, I was hooked on interior design. The idea of being able to create and design a space that will make someone happy is my dream, and as an interior designer I get to do that every day!

I started my career first as an owner of an antique shop and art gallery, then went back to school to get my interior design degree. I love the collaborative creative process of working with people and I absolutely thrive on challenging projects. Working with Patti every day brings us new and different people and projects and we’re ready to solve any interior design challenge that comes our way.

We look at interior design projects as if they were a puzzle—all the pieces are there, we just need to find them and put them together. We sit down with clients and first ask questions: What do you like? What are your interests? What are your ideas? What do you need in the interior design? What is the function of the room? What is your lifestyle? Do you entertain or is this your own personal escape? What makes you smile? Then the challenge is finding the right colors, fabrics, furniture and accessories that Patti and I can bring together to create a design that is both beautiful and functional—for you to live in. Our own enthusiasm helps us see our client’s vision and help create the right environment for our clients to love.

Patti Sonnenberg

I think my interior design career found me. Of course interior design always fascinated me, but I came to interior design via marketing and public relations. Then, I attended a women’s business conference and met an interior designer who was looking for an apprentice. Instantly I knew interior design was where I belonged. I too love to collaborate. I come from a very sports-oriented family and grew up with brothers, so it’s just natural to work as a team with Marsi and with our clients to design an interior space that is both beautiful and functional.

The process of sitting down with our clients and helping to design a space that they love is the key. Sometimes clients know exactly what they want and it’s our job to find the colors, furniture, and accessories that bring it to life. Other clients need help defining their interior design vision, our job is to help them see what they want, then bring it to life through good design.

To me, the best part of my work is the look on a client’s face when they see the finished design—it gives me goosebumps! For Marsi and I both, we really thrive on making people happy by bringing to life an environment that reflects their vision and personality and also functions well.


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